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Hosting and Sponsoring of Events
Explore hosting a CodeWomen event or further our mission by sponsoring our work. Discover the opportunities to empower women and non-binary people in the sector or in your own company.

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CodeWomen is a unique space for career changers who want to share their experiences, ambitions and questions with other developers, especially those with a migration background. To continue our work and provide a safe and supportive environment, we need your collaboration.

Your company can help CodeWomen in a variety of ways, and you'll get great benefits in return!

By hosting CodeWomen events, FREE NOW is supporting real opportunities, in line with our corporate social responsibility agenda, rather than simply supporting a charity. These events establish a valuable link between a company and potential talent, creating a symbiosis for employment. Diversity is at the heart of FREE NOW's DNA. That's why we are not only committed to being an equal opportunity employer, but we also encourage diversity and inclusion in society by improving our product offering.

Isabelle O'Keeffe | Office Manager at FREE NOW

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Our goal is not only to create a safe space to network, learn and share our passion for technology, but also to foster the growth of a diverse and healthy technology industry. To do this, we are looking for funding partners who want to champion diversity and equality.


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Accommodation involves making a space available and providing drinks and snacks for participants. Before staying, we will visit the place to discuss details and take a look. After the event, our team will make sure the space is tidy and organized.