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About us
Discover CodeWomen: read why our mission is key to promoting a more inclusive and supportive technology sector, especially for migrant women.

About CodeWomen

CodeWomen is a community of empowerment and support for women (including trans women and non-binary people) in the field of technology, with a special focus on migrant women. We offer individualized technical and professional support. CodeWomen offers its community a safe environment in which to share their plans, ambitions, doubts and questions. With this community, CodeWomen stimulates both the professional and personal growth of its participants. 

I want to thank you. Last Monday was my second time attending a CodeWomen event and I can't thank you enough for creating a safe space to share, encourage each other, and learn. As part of a women's bootcamp, the sisterhood I have found in the tech industry has inspired me a lot.

Bianca Giudici | Junior Full Stack Developer

¿Why CodeWomen Barcelona?

Change the narrative around technology

We challenge stereotypes and reshape the landscape of the tech sector by amplifying the voices of women+, including those with a migratory background. Through our support, we pave the way for a more inclusive future in technology.

The strength of a community

CodeWomen Barcelona is a meeting point for women+, especially migrants, who want to access the technology sector. With the support of more experienced women, we empower participants to thrive in this field. Mentoring and guidance are our main tools with which to break barriers and foster success. 

Inclusive support for women+

Our project emphasizes inclusion, providing resources adapted to the needs of women, migrant or not, within the technology sector. We create a network of education and mutual support, and build a diverse ecosystem in which innovation can grow. 

Change based on volunteerism

Volunteers are a key part of our mission. Their support of the community links aspirations to achievements, especially empowering participants from migrant backgrounds to develop professional careers within the technology industry.  

An OCC project

The CodeWomen project, originated in mid-2020 within the framework of the Open Cultural Center in Barcelona, initially supported the students of MigraCode, a coding bootcamp that helps those with migratory backgrounds entering technology. From small meetings, a group of women were guided through the bootcamp to become Junior Web Developers. Now the project is led by a full-time Project Manager, a Project Assistant and some volunteers. CodeWomen has become a thriving tech community, connecting around 900+ women in Barcelona.