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Welcome to CodeWomen 

The CodeWomen project aims to contribute to the transformation of the technology sector to make it more inclusive and diverse, by building a community of women+, 'by women+ and for women+', that implements orientation, training and prospecting activities following a community and camaraderie. The project also aims to facilitate the hiring of women and the implementation of diversity, equity and inclusion plans in companies.

What we organize


Once a month

An event with the participation of a speaker or the organization of a workshop, seminar or round table. You will learn and expand your knowledge, practical technology-related skills, and professional skills, with time to interact with other participants and create networks. 

Coding with Coaches events

Once a month

A programming session where we pair you with other more experienced participants so they can help and guide you. In this session, you can work on your own project or exercises, get help when you feel stuck, and clarify doubts.

Open Coding Nights

Once a month

An informal meeting between participants who want to learn to program and meet other people in the sector. At this event, you can ask for help from your colleagues and other more experienced developers.

About CodeWomen

Started in mid-2020, CodeWomen was born as a support community as part of Open Cultural Center Barcelona, initially for female students from MigraCode, a free programming and web development bootcamp for migrants and refugees who want to train as technology professionals. . 

With the goal of empowering and uplifting these women, CodeWomen has evolved into the thriving community it is today, while maintaining its original mission of supporting people with immigration backgrounds.

Become a volunteer

Become a volunteer with CodeWomen and be part of a community where its members empower each other to succeed in the technology sector. Share your knowledge, become a mentor and guide those who are starting out in the sector. 

Join us and the experience of helping other people reach their maximum professional potential. Doing it is very easy; You just have to send us an email and we will contact you!

CodeWomen gave me hope. For a migrant like me, hoping to work in the technology field became possible when I went to one of the CodeWomen events. My perspective changed, I saw young women do their best, and I told myself that if they could do it, then I would work until they could do it too. The process is not easy, but with determination and hard work, I will get there.” Racheal Ehiwe, Student

Racheal Ehiwe | Student